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In September 1998 the British magazine “The Ecologist” Volume 28, No. 5 dedicated its entire publication to biotechnology, focusing on the activities of Monsanto Company.  The publisher, Penwells, destroyed all 14,000 copies of the volume for fear of encountering problems with Monsanto.  After another publisher was found, the two major newspaper stand companies in England refused to sell the magazine fearing legal action by Monsanto.  A copy of the edition did make its way to Spain where several environmental groups got together to translate and publish the edition in Spanish. 

An original copy of “The Ecologist” in Spanish was delivered to the Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on June 22, 2012 by the Millones por la Vida (Millions for Life) campaign.  Monsanto has been increasing its presence in Argentina, making it a leading producer of genetically modified soybeans.  New legislation regulating seed patents, which is on its way to the national congress, threatens small farmers and food sovereignty.  The Millones por la Vida campaign, currently underway in  Argentina, is encouraging individual citizens to write to the President of Monsanto Argentina requesting money to repair the damages the company has caused  them and their land.  The claim is based on the fact that Monsanto destroys lives and the environment to gain money, so it is time it returns its profits to repair what it has damaged. The campaign’s goal is that the funds would be used for permaculture, native seed banks, bioconstruction, alternative vehicles, free energy, and other environmentally sustainable endeavours.  

Millones por la Vidainvites you to support our campaign by spreading our initiative worldwide.  Our goal is to have millions of people worldwide submit their claim to Monsanto Company by November 11, 2012, at which time we will evaluate the response and determine what other actions should follow, including possible legal action. 

If you have any questions or comments please email us at: alimentatambientualma@gmail.com


1. Copy and paste the English version of our open letter in the text box below, 

2.Complete the form and press send to have it sent directly to Monsanto Company.

3. Please send it BEFORE November 11, 2012, date on which we will determine possible follow-up actions. 

4. Of course you are invited to participate and collaborate by spreading the word about this campaign which affects all of us.  


In September 1998 the British magazine “The Ecologist” Volume 28, No. 5 dedicated its entire publication to biotechnology, focusing on the activities of your company.   The information and opinions expressed in that collection of studies regarding the destruction of life and health of people and the earth, have since been corroborated by other scientific data and recently, by a court in Cordoba, Argentina condemning the aerial spraying of your products, thanks to which your company has obtained monetary profits.

Therefore, I request that I be compensated with that money for the damages Monsanto Company has caused me and my land.

The amount of money,  which I consider adequate to cover the costs I will incur to begin to repair the damages caused by your Round Up and to try to regenerate the land, air and water that your company has contaminated is, US $4,400,000, four million four hundred thousand United States Dollars.

I cordially greet you and await this monetary compensation because, otherwise, I will be forced to resort to a Court of Law.

Thank you very much,